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The primary characteristics of the Kiko goat is its hardiness and its ability to achieve substantial weight gains when run under natural conditions without supplementary feeding. In New Zealand it has been called the "go anywhere, eat anything" goat, signifying its ability to thrive under less than ideal conditions. 


The Boer goat is the top meat producer for goat meat.  The breed is hardy and disease resistant,  adapt well to nearly every environment,  have high fertility rates and they make wonderful mothers. 

While the primary purpose of the Boer goats is meat production, a growing number of people are keeping them as companion pets or show goats. Know as "gentle giants" due to their large size and laid back personalities, these docile goats are great with both children and other animals.



GeneMasters™ are  the offspring of a purebred/full-blood Boer and a purebred 100% Kiko.  If the sire and dam are both GeneMasters™, their offspring can also be registered as GeneMasters™. 

This breed is more parasite and disease resistant.  They have vigorous and fast growing kids. The bucks are aggressive breeders and the does have exceptional maternal instincts.  They require less hoof trimming and less producer input. They are natural foragers.

This is a superior goat breed for retired or busy people.

Premier GeneMasters™


Premier GeneMasters™ are the result of a multi-year breeding program that produces a 5/8 Boer - 3/8 Kiko.


Boer (l) and Kiko (r) Buck
GeneMaster™ Buck 
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